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The most popular folk game today

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1. Tags

Tag not only develops children’s agility, coordination, and gross motor skills, but it also boosts their ability to think quickly through rapid decision-making and split-second reactions. This is yet another beloved playground that can accommodate two players or more!

2. Mandarin dining room

Many generations in Vietnam have cherished the O Can Quan game. This is a folk game for children that helps train logical thinking, calculating ability and creativity. Players need to determine quickly how to choose the most reasonable way to take the opponent's pieces and win. The game O An Quan has the following rules:


Divide a rectangle into two rows, each containing five small cells known as people cells. Draw two arcs, called o quan, at the ends of the rectangle.

Small pebbles: 50 (place five per square).

Large pebbles: two (place one in each square).

Instructions on how to play

Before playing, you need to clearly define the turns using rock-paper-scissors, assigning or clearly agreeing.

The first player will start by choosing any square, taking the number of pebbles in it and spreading 1 pebble into the next square. Calculate such that the player can consume all the pebbles in the empty box after placing the last pebble in it. Next, proceed to gather the gravel behind the box and distribute it once more.

If you encounter two consecutive empty cells, you must stop playing and pass to the next player.

Players alternately distribute gravel until they consume every mandarin and villager. Whoever has more troops will be the winner.

3. Hide and seek

Hide and seek offers numerous benefits beyond entertainment. It promotes spatial awareness and enhances physical activity by encouraging children to move, run, and explore their surroundings. It also nurtures patience and creativity as players devise new hiding spots!

4. Connect 4

Ideal for rainy days, connect 4 is a classic game loved by all ages. Just like noughts and crosses, players take turns to mark either 'X' or 'O' on a grid, with the aim of achieving three in a row for victory. These straightforward rules make it very accessible, fostering logical thinking, concentration, and motor skill development in the process!

5. Circle games

Circle games promote social interaction, communication, and teamwork. They have the power to ignite creativity and imagination. A popular choice for parties, they're sure to strengthen bonds and make memories!


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